We have the pleasure to welcome you to our island. A Cycladic island with rich and untouched natural environment, culture, seamanship and tradition from antiquity.

Greenery, waters, olive presses, tower houses, watermills, beautiful hiking trails, archeological sites, museums, monasteries, beaches, entertainment, gastronomy and a variety of cultural events compose the identity of Andros. 

We invite you to an acquaintance trip of our island.

The Association of Rooms & Apartments for Rent of Andros "I Agia Thalassini" founded in 1987, is a Primary Professional Association based in Andros.
Its statute with number 30/1987 is registered in the books of approved associations of the Court of First Instance of Syros with serial number 578 and is governed by Law 1712/1987 and in addition by the provisions of the Civil Code.
The purpose of this Organization is the preservation, study and promotion of the common economic, social and professional interests of its members, within the society as a whole.
It is governed by a 5-member Council, elected every 2 years by the General Assembly.

Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades and second in area after Naxos. Administratively it is a Municipality as well as a Regional Unit of the South Aegean. In the recent census the population of the island was about 9,500 inhabitants.

Andros has an area of ​​380 square kilometers and an elongated shape with direction from N-NW to N-SE. The whole island has a mountainous topography with a central mountain range that peaks at Petalo and Kouvara (highest peak is Profitis Ilias at 997 m.). 

The main port of the island is Gavrio, with regular connections to Rafina, while the ports of Batsi, Chora and Korthi have infrastructure for private and fishing boats. 

On the west side of Andros are the large leeward sandy beaches of the island, easily accessible and used for tourism. Those looking for peace and wild beauty will find it on the beaches of the northeast and southeast. 

The island has several rivers, streams, torrents and many springs. The ravines have rich vegetation with plane trees and walnuts and on the slopes, especially in the south, oaks abound. Much of the slopes have long been shaped into terraces, with the help of dry stones, called "bloody". Olive groves, lands with lemon groves and orchards are spread around the settlements. Andros owes its waters and rich vegetation to its ancient nicknames, Idrousa, Lasia, Nonagria and Epagris. 

On the northwest side of the island the vegetation is bushy and one can see partridges, hawks or even rarer species of birds of prey, such as the eagle, while on the steep shores of the island nest wild pigeons and stone swallows.

Usefull Information

1. Bus Schedules : https://ktelandrou.gr , 22820 22316
2. Taxi - Cab : 22820 22171
3. Port Authority : 22820 22250
4. Police Station : 22820 22300
5. Fire Brigade : 22820 24199
6. Andros Health Center : 22823 60000

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